Syrians choose to live in Syrian refugee camps over fleeing to Europe

Syrians choose to live in Syrian refugee camps over fleeing to Europeimage

13 Aug 2015

To refuse the right of asylum and choose instead to live in camps, you would certainly be crazy or have some issues in your mind, this what people would say when they hear this, they would be more peculiar to know that you struggle to find some money to by some food for yourself, while you are working all day long to secure aid for poor families inside the camps.

Some may consider this is sort of fiction, but a fact it is not, even thought it is applicable only to very few persons from the Syrian youth, but it is real stories that you don’t normally hear on Facebook or Twitter.

Karam, a Syrian young man living in Tripoli, Lebanon, in a room, the least to describe it is a solitary prison cell, with one door and one window, people call him an idiot, because he has an approval of having asylum in France but he refused it because he wanted to stay in camps and help people. He works everyday among the camps focusing mainly on the children especially those who have psychiatric issues because of the war, trying to secure all their needs by, in which he says “ in Syria, I left the tombs for my three brothers, and my parents who were martyred because of the rocking, I have never thought that I could leave Syria and the tombs of my lovers, I want to stay in Lebanon because I hope I will go back to Syria, and the children are the secret for my happiness in this miserable I live in, I refused immigration because I know I can give things her to people, I might not be a star on Facebook , but here among children I am their star for sure and this is enough for me”.

While Khaled Abdul Wahed, a member of Volunteering Mulham team in Lebanon, needs an operation for his eye. Instead of looking for a treatment for his eye, he works in the Syrian camps, when he shows up people become happy, knowing he brought them something, he offer them rent for the tents, food cloths for children or sometime he takes an old women, for example, to a clinic, or a sick child to secure treatment for them, when asking him about his free work, he says “ volunteering, makes me close to my people and my lovers and gives me the motivation to continue in the same stamina so I can continue to serve the immigrants from my home.. Apart

Volunteering makes me challenge my self, no matter how difficulties and challenge I face, I forget them all when I see a smile of a Syrian children when I provide food, clothes or medication and this is enough for me to continue working in silent”

Between the camps you will find dozens of young men and women did not the asylum but you would find them abuzz operate between the camps until today, including in education or in relief or in medical work, some of them refused to opportunity seekers and of them did not think originally, they called some maniacs … while they are in fact gave themselves to work for the Syrians who paid the price of war … They have chosen to live in poverty and live between the camps bought the land with gold … they are real stories but not famous on Facebook pages.