Tarek’s Artworks Support Mosaic for Helping Douma

Tarek’s Artworks Support Mosaic for Helping Doumaimage

21 May 2015

With the continued sieging of the city of Douma and the daily rocking and shelling, the humanitarian situation became miserable for people living in Douma.

Many activists started campaigns to reduce the suffer for people living in Douma, where finding food and basic drugs became the biggest daily challenge. However, there are daily-injured people by the shelling who cannot reach to hospitals outside the sieged city to receive proper treatment.

Tarek Hassan Tuma, Syrian Artist from Douma is helping the families of his hometown by selling his artworks and donating the money to Support Mosaic Initiative for Syria with their project Help Douma.

About this work Tarek said: “Dear Donator: we can save lives, please join us to help Douma.”

Mosaic Initiative for Syria is planning to help 800 families around 4200 people with the collaboration of a local Community Centre in Douma. The project is to distribute food parcels to each family. Each food parcel will cost 20£.

You can find Tarek’s artworks on: https://www.justgiving.com/HelpDouma/ And pay the price directly to Mosaic Initiative for Syria through that page.