“Teach me Box” The first Syrian project provides university scholarships in Jordan

“Teach me Box” The first Syrian project provides university scholarships in Jordanimage

21 Aug 2015

(This is my life) volunteering group honored a number of Syrian students excelling in high school, in Jordan, during a ceremony held in the theater (Ammon) in Amman, Jordan, under the supervision of the former Minister of Youth, Dr. (Mohamed Noah Alqudat) and in the presence of mothers and fathers od 117 students from all parts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Nawar Bulbul: our young people win over Assad with science!

The ceremony honored two excelling students from Zaatari on stage to talk to them about their superiority and their studies, where they won free scholarships; the first student Moaz Hatem Haj Ali received a scholarship in engineering, while the second student Qasim Al Haj received a scholarship in Arabic Language studies. Artist Nawar Bulbul stressed on the high spirit for young people in the Zaatari and the challenges and hope in which they live, and in Syria, he said there is a criminal monster kills and destroys our young people, but here they challenge him and win over him with science and success and excellence.

Nebal Yahya Mohammed was also honored with a scholarship in accounting. Mulham volunteering team also provided one-college scholarships for Taima Omar and had to rally Syrian students explained the word about the role of the assembly in helping students and providing assistance to them. Assembly for Syrian students explained their role in helping students and providing assistance to them.

Dr. Arahabi: Let’s raise the slogan “In Science We Build It”

The ceremony included the announcement of a new scientific legislator (Teach me Box), and this is what Dr. Mohammed Arahabi, the founder of (This is my life) group, talked about saying, “”Several years ago we’ve been thinking about doing something to offer the students help to complete their studies in 2013, we launched a campaign under the title (Soul Food) to teach children good manners and morals and help them in their lessons and school duties and we have created summer club for children, and in the beginning of 2015 we started to work for the establishment of a special fund to support Students (Teach me Box) to support and assist the Syrian students to complete their studies and already we thank God for the moment we fund 6 students at Jordanian universities in engineering disciplines, Arabic Language, Accounting and English Language, of course, this fund is to support good people only, and there is no any organization or political party supported, and I want to send message to all aspects of donors and philanthropists should be part of your money specialize in teaching students or student to ensure that the world must be partners in building their future and shareholders realize their dream and raise the slogan (In Since We Build it). “