Technology and inventions changed the reality of Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

Technology and inventions changed the reality of Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordanimage

23 Jul 2015

Zaatari refugee camp is the largest camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, on its way in order to become a permanent home for refugees and not temporary camps, and a new report revealed the “inventions of refugees” written by Alexander Bates, Louise Bloom, and Nina Weaver.

Published by the British newspaper The Guardian on Wednesday which is how the exploitation of refugees in the world for the technology surrounding them to provide electricity and some other basic necessities, and there is entire chapter about the Syrian refugees, and the Zaatari camp.

In the report, Syrian refugees proved their ability in the face of political and economic pressure, since their arrival in Jordan, the population of Zaatari camp about 83 thousand refugees in 2012, then increased the number of refugees after that. However giving tents, “cloth” for the refugees. . they take advantage some of the inventions and technology to provide appropriate environment and easiest-to-life in the camp.

Where they worked to provide “Caravans” with fixed and powerful walls, by the voluntary reach them through Facebook pages and exploitation and modern means of social communication.

Also they worked on the provision of wheels under many of these Caravans, to move to neighbouring places for their families, their relatives and neighbours, and met with a large turnout of refugees.

Refugees also invented the eco-system for the discharge of sewage to move away from diseases that may be left by the survival of the water inside the camps and caravans.

The report pointed out that the refugees will always find innovative ways, to use the resources available to them, to overcome the tragic system in the camps in order to change it.