The city of Douma, celebrates 3rd anniversary of electricity cut with Scientific Inventions

The city of Douma, celebrates 3rd anniversary of electricity cut with Scientific Inventionsimage

11 May 2015

Local people of East Ghouta, and especially people of Douma city, live the third anniversary of the cut of electricity, in which the regime forces has cut off electricity and water for the eastern Ghouta after rebel battalions fully seized control of the Ghouta in 2012.

In the same time, the years of deprivation were as a practical courses to find innovations and alternative solutions for the electricity, according to what he said, “Abu Ayman,” an expert in electricity generation, and the owner of a shop of electrical equipment, “Although the Syrian regime has cut off electricity on the eastern Ghouta three years ago, but we did not give up, and we have established the processing power of 12 volts, in seeking to produce electricity Statistics or dim lights, seeking to find some solutions for the big problems left behind by the power cut.”

The source pointed out, “We have created a suitable alternative for everything we lost, lighting became dependent on “optical lids” 12 volts, enough to charge mobile devices directly using a 12-volt car batteries, and also some household electrical devices were transfered from 220 to 12 volts.”

The expert added, “After several tests, now it is summer, we have prepared a variety of designs for ventilation fans running by the twelve-volt energy, and research and experiments are continued for simple inventions that may meet the problem of power fully. Now the 12-volt technology, became inside every house and shop, evenmore, this work became an art, the creation and competetion in the global innovation technologies that run on 12-volt power such as internet routers, television, mobile devices and computers.”