The End of School Year at Anamel School

The End of School Year at Anamel Schoolimage

04 Jul 2015

The war has affected the Syrian students’ future more than all the damage of the buildings and the end of the school year can not unnoticed due to the exposure of Syrian students to short-term and long-term psychological impacts of violence through the ongoing conflict. Many students stay home at the beginning of a school year and losing the opportunity to attend school and build up their future. Higher levels of primary and secondary education would reduce the likelihood of an armed conflict and educated population would rebuild their country after conflict ends. Through this year, Anamel School worked tirelessly to deliver education in conflict as education is the way to create a new hope for children whose lives have been disrupted. Anamel School believes that education allows children to reclaim their childhoods and enables parents to think about the future of their children when every other aspect of life is uncertain. The School has undertaken a research study to examine the number of students that commit to pursue their education throughout the year despite the ongoing unrest. The research has shown that the rate of students that were going back to school has been raised by 20%. This year results has showed the success percentage rate of the number of students that were willing to go back to school as an important indicator to reveal the need for an urgent call for different kind of interventions in the education sector in Syria. This percentage has covered the number of the students that are committed to study and commute to school even during their summer vacation period. This increased percentage of the students has reflected to create a demand to recruit more teachers to work in the school.

These percentage statistics has shown the number of students that enrolled in the classes from the ninth grade to the baccalaureate. The 20th of May was the final day of the exams and a week later the school has distributed the results and at the same time, the junior and secondary students’ exams were taken place in the school. Anamel school year report has shown that the students have demonstrated a high level of persistence and willingness to go back to school and pursue their education. Mrs. Samah, the supervisor at Anamel School, says, “We provide education to the students at high standards of teaching quality, despite the unfortunate reality that surrounds the education sector in Syria at the moment.” “The shool has arranged many review sessions before exams to help the students to achieve great results.” “Anamel School has celebrated the determination of the teachers and students and complete the school curriculums subjects ahead of time and maintain a two-week break period to review the different curriculums and answer the students’ questions to ensure their best results”. “The school has showed tremendous excellent outcomes and results in the region”. The outstanding achievement of the school’s results has shown in the high marks competition between four female students at 11th grade. These students’ results were very close to 99% and 100% of the full total. The administration of the school is very proud that many students are willing to attend the school during the summer holidays. The administration of Anamel School has responded to the students and prepared an action plan for them to use their own time wisely and get them out of being bored.

The school has provided preparatory courses for students during the summer vacation and as an activity plan for the students that are in transition period in a special project for males as well as females. All these statistics that were mentioned before have proved that the end of the first school year has achieved tangible results and left a measurable impact on the students as well as teachers in accomplishing their targets and aims towards education. These results have increased the students’ and teachers’ confidence, credibility and ability to cope with to their work through the most difficult times that the country is going through. Professor Mohammad Qasim who is working in the educational sector has shared his views: “I was witnessing the progress of Anamel School this year and I can say that they achieved tremendous progress”. “This year was extremely difficult for everyone for the staff and teachers to prove that they can sustain run the school in an excellent example that we will do not expect”. “Many teacher from Anamel school were offered more opportunities to work with humanitarian organisations such as the Red Crescent but the teachers felt like one family to work together to form the school in its current success” said by Alaa who is one of the first teachers in Anamel school. Although the school was targeted on 04.04.2015 by explosive barrel bomb, the students were still willing to attend the classes and the school is expected recording the largest numbers in the next year.

The school has planned to offer an honour gift to the outstanding students for their achievements in at a ceremony that will be held in the school. The end of school year honouring ceremony is as an initiative from the school to congratulate the students and their families for their braveness and determination to achieve these outstanding results. Ghassan is a student in the secondary grade secondary science says, “The ongoing crisis has destroyed our dreams in pursuing our education”. “However, we are trying to look for the future in brighter eyes through our persistence in studying in Anamel School. The parents who live under shelling and danger have shown the will to send their children to school as education is the strongest weapon to rebuild humanity.The students have shown measurable interests in the school as well as the preparatory courses has helped the students not to depend on the private high tutoring costs, which many students were used to in previous years.The school has offered extra recreational and collective scientific activities for the students as well as the psychological sessions that help the students to maintain their mental health treatment and to alleviate the suffering as much as possible. The school is planning to change the location of the school and move to a new building by the end of the school year following the barrel bomb explosion. Anamel School staffs have invested their efforts to start the new academic year in an optimistic and safer year for all.