the environmental strain of refugee influx in lebanon

the environmental strain of refugee influx in lebanonimage

05 May 2015

The Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk and Social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas in Beirut had signed on Monday a memorandum of understanding that their ministries will collaborate on tackling the environmental impact of the refugee crisis.

The Syrian refugee’s number in Lebanon reached 1.1 million people, which is roughly equivalent to one fourth of the population, and had brought unprecedented environmental problems to the country and overwhelmed infrastructure.

The Environment Ministry said “We presented last September an expanded report with the UNDP to curb the effects of displacement on the environment in Lebanon,” and he added “We found out that managing this issue would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“We are saying this because we can sense the dangers ahead for Lebanon and its social fabric,” he said. “All citizens across Lebanon should fight the environmental effects of the refugee presence here, but also help their Syrian brothers.”

And the same question remains what should Syrian refugees do? They don’t have any choice.