The first solar-powered boat invented by a Syrian engineer

The first solar-powered boat invented by a Syrian engineerimage

06 May 2015

“The future will impose on us to invent the electric car which is cheaper and environmentally cleaner, it is possible to derive its energy from the sun even partially, and leadership in this field will be ours not only copying”, said by the Syrian inventor Engineer, Elias Ibrahim Primo, about 31 years ago and who was able to bring the use of solar energy from our daily lives through an innovative range of transportation.

Primo who is seventy-one-year-old has worked since the eighties on the creation of the first boat marine with solar-powered in the world and success to achieve this dream.

About this achievement Primo said to SANA: “I rejected several foreign valuable offers to sell my invention and preferred to take it back home”, he pointed out that the structure of the solar boat can be wooden or steel or aluminium or fiberglass and carbon fibre, as it can be made in proportion to the length of 6 feet to a thousand feet.

Engineer Primo says, “The speed of the boat can start from 6 and can be increased to 60 knots mediated Submersible motor works dc single or double, with the possibility of spinning 360 degree vertically, with triple or dual blades horizon fan axis”.

Adding that “the solar detector used is made of polycarbonate Christalin with 12 percent surface gain, placed on the roof of the boat and it can be equipped with a solar inspector to set the its angle for the greatest absorption, however, the power storage is a 12 volt battery with 400 amp and its separated oddly to produce 220 volt.

According to Primo the boat is used for various purposes without fuel within programmed lines, except emergency cases which then can use a portable electric generator, he said that “his boat can work efficiently in lakes and rivers armed with flexibly glider manoeuvre raise the yield in line with the direction of the wind to collect more energy from at least three directions back and sides neutrals”.

Primo is working now on manufacturing distilled water production equipment with technology uses existing supplies locally, and relative simple technology and inexpensive, equivalent to less than half the price of imported devices and more effectively and use of chemicals in smaller quantities.

The inventor Primo still working in the atelier in Damascus, full of vitality indescribable young people to create more inventions, especially in the field of environment economy and it’s protecting and investment of renewable energies.