The first Syrian cinematic institution in Derbassiyeh in the countryside of Hasaka

The first Syrian cinematic institution in Derbassiyeh in the countryside of Hasakaimage

16 Jul 2015

Opened «Komin Film Rojava» Cinema Foundation in Rojava (areas with Kurdish majority in Syria), an institution dedicated to the film industry of photography, scenario, lighting and other things related to the film work, it is the first institution of cinema in the city of Derbassiyeh in the countryside of Hasaka northeast Syria, it will have branches in other cities and regions in the province.

Shiro Hinda, director and administrator of the Foundation, said to ARA News «We can say that Komin Film Rojava, is the first institution of its kind in Rojava, it is an institution for the manufacture, production and training new cadres to enter into the world of cinema, it is a former institution of its kind in Syria generally where there was not institution dedicated to film training, there was only training on theatre, music and other arts, but in cinema this is the first institution that dedicated by that».

He added that «the majority of our members in the organization have learned themselves autonomously on the film industry, but at the management level and training we have our specialists in the writing, directing and cinematography from the four parts of Kurdistan and Europe as well, and will start our training courses since the day, and will continue initially for a month and then will start an new training course for a whole year».

Onder Jakar, Turkish scenario writer of the city of Istanbul and supervisor of training on writing in the organization, explained to ARA News «I was working in the field of cinema in Turkey and wrote a lot of film scripts, and I think that Rojava revolution is not only for the Kurds but I see the hope for all peoples of the world ».

For his part, the journalist Zana Omar explained for ARA News that «the battles that took place in Rojava Kurdistan has always been waiting for a camera documenting what is happening on the ground, some of which have been documented, and now the opening of this institution there has become a chance to be the eye of Rojava in the follow-up its revolution, and make form it documentaries films or even a movies».