“The Fun Day” for Syrian Children in Jordan

“The Fun Day” for Syrian Children in Jordanimage

29 Apr 2015

“This is my life” volunteer group, launched last Sunday, “Fun Day” activity center, for Syrian children in Jordan, Amman.

According to Ms. Roa Bilal, director of the club, this activity came to provide moral and psychological support for children, and to meet their recreational, cultural and educational needs, also to build «a generation of aspiring leader chldren who would become our hope, and we would rely on them».

“Jumana” psychological support responsible said, “children are the most affected since the beginning of the revolution and even till now”, many mental disorders have generated, such as; fear and phobias, “Many of them lost a father or a brother or a whole family, and our role in the club is to help them, to stand with them and to provide the most possible to overcome the suffering“.

In regards to the club activities and their aiming, “Shirin”, English language volunteer in the group said, “We help children improve their language through games and methods of modern education”. “Rowan” Qurran and morals teacher explained, the group is trying to teach children the morals of religion and moderation in Islam, and to promote Islamic ethics and morals in them.

In turn, “A’hd”, press and the media supervisor, talked about the role of this section in the promotion of self-esteem and the encouragement of the child confidence, and in breaking the barrier between child and the microphone.

“Roa Bilal” added, “this is the beginning for a bigger project in the summer, targeting a larger number, and including wider areas, including parts of free Syria”.

The club’s activities target children in age range “seven to twelve”, and vary between physical activities, intelligent questions, and drawing, and teaching the English language and computer skills, and the Quran and morals as well as the section of a small journalist, which one of its activities was visititing Orient channel’s headquarters, where each participant had the chance to be introduced to the editing and preparation, imaging and output sections, and were briefed on how to make television programs.