The Hope Hole  

The Hope Hole  image

15 Apr 2015

Tensions rose in Syria at the beginning of 2011 followed by many bombings, targeted attacks that have led to large-scale displacement of people and massive humanitarian disaster. The war hit education, and some of the country schools were damaged or destroyed and other schools were being used as shelters for the internally displaced people instead of for educational purposes. This story is a very symbolic story that reflects how destruction be used to create hope. The building that is used by Anamel School today was attacked by a mortar two years ago.

The building was vacant for a long time until Anamel School decided to use the building and to establish a school in the area to be the source of hope and knowledge to many students. The mortar’s attack has left a hole in the centre of the building yard. The architect Abul Razzaq came up with an idea to design a new construction plan of the building and implement a heating system in the centre of the yard that can provide heat to the entire classrooms. Eventually, this project was constructed, and the hole in the school’s yard was transformed into a suitable heating system. 

Today the school’s yard looks in a better condition after this transformation and the school is provided with an entire heating system that is available to all classes. The construction of the project was an outstanding and creative idea that was supported by Mosaic Initiative for Syria. The project was applied to improve the conditions of the study in the school and to have heated classes, which help the students to endure the cold winter and pursue their education.