«The National for Culture and Arts» implemented project of drama, diversity and development for Syrian refugees

«The National for Culture and Arts» implemented project of drama, diversity and development for Syrian refugeesimage

01 Jun 2015

The National center for culture and arts, by the King Hussein Foundation, began last January execution of a drama project, diversity and development entitled: “intersection” with support from the European Union with participate from the international community for the rights of minorities, the International Civil Forum, the Institute of Andalus and the Prince Claus Fund, and the project lasts for ten month.

The idea of the project with the influx of half a million Syrian refugees to Jordan and suffering economically and educationally and challenges which faced by the host country, where the project is focused on the production of the interactive plays presented in a public places.

The project aims to shed light on the needs of refugees and host communities with a focus on the suffering of women and to raise awareness about how to live, social integration and to promote understanding between the two parties.

The project targets the age group of 14 and above of Syrian refugees and members of the local community, which will provide 20 show to interactive play entitled “intersection” which providing from the national team for interactive theatre from the National Center for Culture and the Arts with the participation of Syrian representatives, it will be introduced in the capital Amman and in Irbid and Mafraq cities, where the play will discuss the subject of coexistence between refugees and the host country and face the challenges to achieve a decent life.

The National Center for Culture and Arts, held a training workshop for 40 hours about using the techniques of interactive theatre where exchange the experiences between the interactive theatre team and Syrian representatives.

Ms Sawsan Darwaza, director dignity Festival for Human Rights Film, was hosted to benefit from her vast experience in producing and writing plays.

Note that the white South Mediterranean area countries participate in this project, which will display the play “intersection” in Lebanon at the end of August of this year.