The Qatar Foundation “Raf” establish the largest city to house Syrian orphans in Turkey

The Qatar Foundation “Raf” establish the largest city to house Syrian orphans in Turkeyimage

06 Jul 2015

In official and popular presence in the Turkish city “Rihaniyya”, put the Foundation of Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah for Humanitarian Services “raf” last Friday the foundation stone for the largest city to house the Syrian refugee orphans in Turkey, carried out by the cooperation with the Turkish humanitarian relief body “IHH” and will be completed within a year.

Dr. Ayed Al-Qahtani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Director General of the Raf, said in his speech during the ceremony that the plight of the Syrian people is the most plight taking place in contemporary history, pointing out that the orphans are the most affected categories by this ordeal.

He said that the suffering of the Syrian people, are still going on and take the forms of oppression and injustice, did not secure any of them man or woman, until we are in front statistics by internationalist organizations, which make the whole of humanity to be ashamed in front of this terrible failing to rescue the whole people especially who suffer from explosive barrels, However, there are peoples of the world who have positively interact with this suffering and this humanitarian disaster, some of these peoples are the Turkish people and the people of Qatar, who lend a hand of support and aid to the Syrian people, who are suffering from oppression and destruction machine.

Bulend Yildirim, President of the Turkish Relief Organization, was pleased to begin the establishment of this city, which is the largest city to house orphans, pointing out that next October will see the establishment of the first World Council of institutions and associations to ensure orphans in the world, demanding to be the fifteenth of Ramadan of each year is the day of the Muslim orphans.

The Raf Foundation have embraced the creation of the largest city to house the Syrians orphans with area estimated in 60 thousand meters where create to house 1560 Syrian orphans who have taken refuge in Turkey due to events taking place in their country, and the city will provide comprehensive care for orphans in various fields of life.

The city consists of 36 villas for housing the orphaned children, a school for boys, a school for girls, mosque, golf variety, for boys and the other for girls, four natural parks, as well as a guest house for the reception of donors who wish to inspect the conditions of the orphans, and administrative building, housing administrative and territorial security.

This project comes at the beginning of the campaign, “we will ask about them,” launched “ruff” Foundation for Relief Syrians affected inside Syria and neighbouring countries, and it includes several meaningful and varied between relief, construction and development projects, in view of the extension of the Syrian tragedy and escalation.

The project of the Raf city for the Syrian orphans is strategic project, comes within the trends, “Ruff” Foundation for development projects, especially that this city will provide a new model to ensure the care of orphans in a comprehensive manner, by charitable and humanitarian institutions, which will ensure them of living, education and all decent life requirements.