The Syrian refugee’s education problem solved by a one page e-book

The Syrian refugee’s education problem solved by a one page e-bookimage

29 May 2015

After teaching Syrian refugees in Lebanese schools turned into a large burden on schools, teachers and students who stands in front of them a mountain of difficulties to access to their schools and return to their camps in late hours of the night, a Lebanese woman grew up in America designed a school in a tent without books, or notebooks or pencils, e-book tent with one page, abbreviated school, its buildings and educational stages.

Nancy Rafing spent more than a year and a half searching for the easiest and most effective way to provide education for refugees in accordance with the approved curriculum in the Ministries of Education.

And it will begin implementation of the project tent school in Akkar camp in Lebanon for the next academic year, after the Lebanese Ministry of Education and the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations decided to use this shortcut school in order the re-displaced refugees return to classes which they lost.

The project which was created for students provides e-book from one page, tells Lebanese curriculum fully and in several languages, in addition to exams and personal assessment and annual projects to graduate and get a degree from Lebanese education.

The cost of the tent school not more than $ 13,000 thousand, and it includes 15 thousand student in the next year at a cost not to exceed $ 25 per student monthly.