The Syrian “Yasser Al-Ahmad” won the Arab Press Prize for caricature category

The Syrian “Yasser Al-Ahmad” won the Arab Press Prize for caricature categoryimage

18 May 2015

Honoured Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,” the winners of the “Arab Journalism Awards” within the various categories during the event, which was held at the Jumeirah city in Dubai to coincide with the conclusion of the 14th session of the “Arab Media Forum”, also fifteen winners were honoured of various daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals printed and electronic and media organizations from various Arab and foreign countries, those who found their way to the platform of honour between 5008 pursuant covered various areas and arts of journalism.

One of the creators who have been honoured through the event, the Syrian artist “Yasser Hawass Al-Ahmad”, who was honoured in the Arab Journalism Award from the caricature category, where handed him a prize, one of the Board member “Nasser Al-Najjar”, “Shield caricature award” from Saudia Arabia’s newspaper “Mecca”.

Yasser was born in Syria, in Qamishli city in 1977, and graduate teacher training institute in 1997, and his debut was with the Syrian newspaper “Sport Situation”, according to “Rouado” website.

After spread the Internet service in Syria, he began the journey in the midst of the Arab press, he work with many resources: Aljazeera Net website, Syria News, AlYamamah magazine, Smart ideas magazine, Thra magazine which interested in women’s affairs and child, and the Legal Scale magazine.