The Year Ahead: Europe in the Spotlight

The Year Ahead: Europe in the Spotlightimage

04 Jan 2018

Since 2015 and the number of people on the move, needing to leave their homes to escape crisis increased dramatically. This resulted in “global and local reform efforts and experiments”, whether these reforms are supported by governments across Europe will be seen this year. Whether migrants and refugees will receive improved protection and elevated support depend on this. Will more borders close? Will people in need of safety face more danger on their journey? The Mosaic Initiative team are watching out for major milestones such as the Global Compact on Refugees and adjustments to European migration policies.

The UN Global Compact on Refugees sets out to build more effective responses to refugee crises and to create better sharing of the responsibility for refugees (84% of whom live in the developing world). In order to counteract such troubling recent trends as states putting measures in place to stop people from seeking asylum, the Global Compact of Refugees will need to focus on actions which result in international buy-in and coordination.

2018 will test how far wealthy countries are willing to go to reduce migration by irregular routes. Europe is working to reduce boats from Turkey and Libya, using development aid. The European Union remains deeply divided over the treatment of refugees despite the deadline to reform the bloc’s policies within 6 months.