The youngest winner of the Nobel Prize opened a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The youngest winner of the Nobel Prize opened a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanonimage

13 Jul 2015

Pakistani girl “Mlalh Yousefza”, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize opened on Sunday a school for Syrian refugees in Bekaa region in Lebanon, in conjunction with the eighteenth birthday celebration.

Mlalh considered during her speech that «voices of Syrian refugees faced ignored for a long time», saying it «is the time that these voices are heard». According to media reports, Mlalh who owns a non-governmental organization that supports education projects, have ensured the costs of establishing the school, and it is ready to receive nearly 200 Syrian girl student in high school, and Mlalh in her touching speech called «the leaders of the world to invest in books instead of bullets ».

The media activist “Abu Khalil Chami” said for ARA News «The visit of Mlalh and the establishment of an education project is something very positive and catalyst for Syrian girls to complete their education and they make Mlalh as a role model for them».

He noted that «a lot of visits by important figures and significant level ended by taking snapshots pictures with the displaced and return to their homes without providing any concrete aid, perhaps the advent of Mlalh and carrying out these humanitarian gesture may awaken the humanity in others during their visits », adding that« What is needed is action, not words and beautiful pictures ».

Bekaa region the most area containing Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the huge number of camps, but it suffer in winter from the tragedy extreme cold, which requires – according to Syrian activists- work to find radical solutions.