“They won with Science” Talented Syrian students honored in Jordan

“They won with Science” Talented Syrian students honored in Jordanimage

18 Aug 2015

“It is nice to honor the students after their labor, I love to work with the center being a big family … you can see the volunteers, students, and everyone supports each other”, these words describe Rebecca Hacker, a British volunteer to teach Syrian students in Jordan, the ceremony organized by the Soeriat center across the border to honor outstanding students in the secondary school certificate.

The concert, which was held in Amman, Jordan, Sunday, 16 August, was sponsored by a number of businessmen and charities, in the presence of representatives of civil society organizations and a number of Syrian artists, in addition to representatives of the Jordanian universities, to honor the 30 students, beating out 250 succeeded in exams secondary.

Rawia Al-Aswad, a member of the Board of Directors in Soeriat across the border and one of its institutions, said that the event also aims to “draw attention and communicate with some donors regarding the UGC, there are superior students in need.”

About the upcoming projects Al-Aswad pointed out that the center seeks to provide courses for students both in the scientific and literary materials by searching for Jordanian specialist teachers, as currently an opening for a school in the countryside of Idlib for elementary school is being prepared and it can receive up to 1,500 students. “

Syrian artist Nawar Bulbul attended the ceremony and thanked the center praising the efforts of the students “who came out involuntarily and not for tourism and excelled despite the difficult circumstances,” persisting “The regime abandoned so they won with science”

Bulbul confirmed that Syrian student are superior and that showed in many of the countries of the world, saying, “One of the advantages of the revolution is to reveal the nudity of system and shows the enormous pressure that was implemented on the Syrian people of all classes, and discovered the creativity of the students who were in the light of Assad’s rule Vanguards and the youth of the revolution.”

Soeriat center works across the border for more than 4 years, and previously opened a free school in Amman for Syrian students with an ability to accommodate up to 200 students from different grade levels, considering the Jordanian curriculum provides students with exams in public schools.