Three institutes to be launched in the northern suburb of Homs

Three institutes to be launched in the northern suburb of Homsimage

05 Jun 2015

In the context of continued pursuit of the Free Homs Council to support education at all stages, the education office called for a workshop to start a number of institutes in the north suburb of Homs city.

The workshop continued for two days, with the participation from different local councils, syndicates and several institutes.

The workshop schedule was rich with discussions that shed light on the challenges and threats that could prevent this work from being done. The attendees have suggest to form a committee to follow up the constitutional process of three institutes and decide how many lecturers they need and the number of students they can contain.

The workshop’s goal is to fill the gaps in the educational shortage supplement the market labor with qualified, educated and expert personnel, no matter how challenges and difficulties they face.

On the second day of the workshop, there was an intervention via “Skype” from Dr Abdul Rahman al-Haj, Deputy Minister of Education in the Syrian interim government, which explained some of the points of the rules of procedure of the institutes, and has discussed and agreed on the project serves the interests and conduct of its construction. As well as attendance listened for another intervention via Skype from Dr Abu Obeida, intermediate institutes official in Damascus explaining the existing experience they have.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants concluded to prepare a working document including lifting a set of recommendations and proposals to the Ministry of Education to ensure that the project is optimal and its relevance to the state of siege that prevailed in the liberated areas in the province, in addition to the formation of a follow-up committee with the relevant authorities to serve the objectives of the project.