Three Syrian refugee girls suffered from a fire in Lebanon

Three Syrian refugee girls suffered from a fire in Lebanonimage

08 May 2015

Running from the shells and the big conflicts in Syria to Beirut, just to become victims of fire, three Syrian girls had been injured in a fire caused by a short circuit in a housing building for Syrian refugees in southern Lebanon.

In the Quzai compound, which is a home for more than 500 Syrian refugees and located in the port city of Sidon, a fire was erupted on the second floor of the four-story building on Thursday.

The girls were taken to a hospital, Shirin Salloum one of the girls, who is 11-year-old, suffered serious burns to her face, hands and feet, in addition to that she has been remain hospitalize, when The two others were discharged.

The United Nations said there are about 1.2 million Syrian refugees registered in Lebanon, though Beirut estimates there are another 500,000 unregistered Syrians in the country.

The refugees fled Syria’s civil war, now in its fifth year. The conflict has killed more than 220,000 people.