“Tika” accomplish drinking water project for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

“Tika” accomplish drinking water project for Syrian refugees in Lebanonimage

07 Sep 2015

The Turkish agency of cooperation and coordination “Tika” of the prime minister, accomplished a project in Lebanon, provides drinking water for forty thousand Syrian refugees north of the country.

According to a statement issued by Tika, on Wednesday, said that the second phase of the project completed, after the agency has completed the first phase in 2010 in the towns of “Kwashrh,” “beera”, and “Aidmon”, which houses a large number of Syrian refugees.

The statement pointed to drill three wells, under the project, and construction of water tank with apacity of 100 tons in the town “Aidmon”, with the provision of generators for all towns in the region, and the system of “automation” – converted from manual to automatic – in order to follow the water system, He added that the project also included the restoration of roads, as well as the training of engineers and technicians.

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