Turkey : 6 Syrian refugees were killed in sank boat.

Turkey : 6 Syrian refugees were killed in sank boat.image

24 Jun 2015

Turkish media announced, on Tuesday, that 6 people were killed in a Sinking boat, which was carrying at least 62 illegal Syrian immigrants, on Monday night, off the coast of Turkey.

The Dogan news agency said that the boat set off from Bodrum in southwestern Turkey, in an effort to get to Greece across the Aegean Sea.

According to the agency, the elements of the Turkish Coast Guard rescued other passengers, including women and children.

Turkey receives about 1.8 million Syrian refugees who had fled their country to escape the conflict, in addition to that Turkey is a destination for immigrants who are wishing to reach the European Union.

Since the start of the Syrian conflict before more than 4 years, the conservative regime in Turkey, accused the international community that they don’t assume their responsibility for the relief, and hosting the refugees.