Turkey hosts two million refugees from Syria and Iraq

Turkey hosts two million refugees from Syria and Iraqimage

19 May 2015

Turkish Foreign Minister, announced that the number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees on the territory of his country had reached two million refugee.

On Monday, May 18th at a news conference in Brussels, he said that the flow of Syrian refugees to the territory of Turkey continues, and Turkey expects that by the end of this year the total number of refugees will reach to 2.5 million, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) data.

Turkey received 1.8 million Syrian refugees since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis In March of 2011, but it seems that the real number is much higher, since many refugees are not officially registered.

The Turkish government insist on that they don’t receive adequate assistance from the international community to compensate what they spend on hosting refugees.

And even though Turkey and international countries had been putting a lot of efforts, thousands of Syrian refugees still deprived of the most basic supplies, health care and education.