Turkey Reportedly Reopens Border Crossing for Syrian Refugees

Turkey Reportedly Reopens Border Crossing for Syrian Refugeesimage

03 Feb 2015

Turkish authorities reopened the southeastern Cilvegozu border gate for Syrian refugees, previously closed following Syrian gunfire, Turkish Anadolu Agency reported Thursday. On Monday, the Turkish authorities closed the Cilvegozu border gate following clashes near the Bab al-Hawa crossing, across from Cilvegozu. The clashes reportedly broke out between the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front, one of the rebel groups operating in the country “Gunmen fire at Turkish soldiers from Syria Bab al Hawa (#Cilvegozu). unknown reason”, the Twitter post read. The border crossing remains closed for humanitarian aid trucks, the agency said. Cilvegozu, connecting the Syrian city of Aleppo with the Turkish province of Hatay, has long been a gate for Syrian refugees fleeing from a four-year civil war and severe humanitarian crisis. According to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), over 380,000 Syrian refugees fled to Turkey since the conflict in Syria began in April 2011. Over 220,000 refugees have been registered in 21 tent cities located in 10 provinces of Turkey.