Turkey rescues 30 Syrian immigrant from drowning

Turkey rescues 30 Syrian immigrant from drowningimage

22 Apr 2015

With the growing in the number of immigrants seeking access to Europe, following the Mediterranean’s worst migrant disaster in which as many as 800 people drowned off Libya. State media said on Tuesday that turkey’s coastguard rescued 30 Syrians from a boat heading towards Greece after their vessel began to take on water in the Aegean Sea. The official Anatolia news agency said, the migrants had been trying to reach the Greek island of Kos from the Turkish resort of Bodrum but their boat started to take on water during a storm. Turkey’s coastguard rescued all the migrants, including a child, from the sinking boat at the last minute, the official Anatolia news agency said. Some migrants were forced by their suspected smugglers to jump into the water. Police were trying to identify the captain of the boat. The agency said that some of the migrants had been detained a few times before as they tried to cross into Europe illegally. Turkey, which is already sheltering 1.8 million refugees from the Syrian civil war, has become a key transit point for people seeking a better life in Europe and paid thousands of dollars to smugglers for travel towards EU states in small boats, but the journey is fraught with danger. With the loss of 800 lives in a fishing vessel crammed with migrants capsized off Libya at the weekend, and a few days after hundreds died in another incident.