Turkish businessman donates $ 10 million to establish a university to teach the Syrians

Turkish businessman donates $ 10 million to establish a university to teach the Syriansimage

20 Apr 2015

Turkish businessman pledged launched a project to establish a free university education system to about 40 thousand Syrians from those on Turkish territory who are in the age of university education, and suffer from difficulties in learning the Turkish language. Turkish businessman «Anwar Yucel» president of a group «Bahçeşehir» educational which owns seven private universities in Turkey, and the University in the US capital «Washington», As well as a series of schools that regularly where about 30 thousand Turkish students. Pledged «Yucel» providing $ 10 million to contribute to the construction of a private university for Syrians who are suffering from war, «There are a million Syrians in Turkey, and their return to their country will not be soon, were married and began working inside Turkey» he said. Adding that «Syrians have become permanent residents and they have impact on the social fabric combination in Turkey». And pointing out that «there are large numbers of them will not return to Syria they are our guests today, and citizens in the future ». He also had sent a team to Rihaniyya city ”one of the Turkish cities that are packed with Syrians” to meet with a group of professors who were studying in Syrian universities, before the move to Turkey. Turkish Higher Education Council had recently issued decision allows Syrian students to study in eight governmental Turkish universities, within their own programs. This was based on the contacts conducted by the Ministry of Education in the Syrian interim government with the Turkish Council of Higher Education, based on the decision Syrian students can take advantage of the university buildings and equipment, this not inconsistent with the educational process quality for Turkish students.