Turkish facilities and a million dollars from Qatar to support the Syrians education

Turkish facilities and a million dollars from Qatar to support the Syrians educationimage

04 May 2015

Opened on Saturday “Science“ the first international conference, in Istanbul, under the title “Syrian and education.. Reality and challenges”, in order to support the needs of Syrian students in the regions not under control of regime and the neighbouring countries, participants were: workers in education field, delegations from countries Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, figures from the Turkish government, and members of the Syrian interim government.

The consultant in the Turkish Ministry of National Education “Yusuf Buyuk” announced during the conference that The Ministry of Education Turkish dealing with Syrian students according to three lines: First: for those who entered legally into the country and have a temporary national number, they receive education in Turkish school, they are almost thirty-eight thousand students in numbers.

Second: those learn within the Turkish government centers in Syrian curriculum and Syrians teachers, created by Afad “disaster and emergency body”, these centers include eighty one thousand students, also include vocational education in the camps, in which the number of learners is fifty thousand Syrian.

Third Line: includes two hundred temporary education center, distributed in eighty one Turkish state, and accommodate a hundred thousand students, created by the Syrian Commission for Education “science”.

“Buyuk” adding that The Turkish government provides facilities for Syrian students and joining Turkish universities, where Syrian students who have “baccalaureate” certificate can qualify for the college entrance exam with Turkish students, pointing to presence of 250 thousand students, the Turkish government with science body, Afad, and Religious Affairs aim to bring them back to school.

The spokesman for the Turkish Ministry of Education praised the role of the Turkish Postal Corporation “PTT” and the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” in finance support for 4500 Syrian teachers, who provided the amount of 150 $ to each teacher in the camps, and 200 $ to those who are outside the camps.

The Secretary General of the Syrian Commission for Education, “Naim Mufti” said the number of students who drop out of education has reached five million students, and they must be absorbed quickly, As the conference raises the achievements, aspirations, future projects, challenges and find solutions and put them into action, the issue as he said “Save the nation from being lost in the worst disaster, there must be more search for solutions motivated by moral, humanitarian and religious causes, shared by the faithful from values in the re-building human”.

Qatar Charity has provided one million dollars to support the Syrian educational aspect, the Director of the Department of relief diameter “Ibrahim Ali Abdullah” explained that the projects destined for Syria is one of the priorities of the administration diameter relief charity, and noted that the projects implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of the Syrian people value amounted to about 239 million Qatari riyals, in which 4.5 million person were benefited, and education projects amounting to about 24.5 million riyals beneficiary of about 350 thousand people.

He explained that he prouds that Qatar Charity is the first globally in relief of the Syrian people during the last three years, as the report of financial tracking international relief aid “FTS” of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs revealed the Qatar Charity has ranked first globally in relief of the Syrian people.