Turkish Red Crescent creates “field hospital” in the countryside of Idlib

Turkish Red Crescent creates “field hospital” in the countryside of Idlibimage

03 Jun 2015

The Turkish Red Crescent has recently finished set up a field hospital in the countryside of Idlib, northern Syria, includes 50 beds and fully prepared with equipment.

Mintz Şimşek, Deputy Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent, announced to Anatolia that “preparing of the field hospital came at the request of Syrians doctors in the countryside of Idlib, Pointing out that medical supplies and necessary vehicles have been provide so the hospital would serve the patients in the best possible way”

Şimşek explained that the hospital consists of 50 beds, operating rooms, intensive care units, in addition to the X-ray ultrasound equipment, and photography equipment, in addition to supplies for clinics.

In the same context, Şimşek thanks “the individuals, organizations and charities, who responded to the Red Crescent, and provided aid, pointing out that hospitals have long been the direct target of the Assad regime over the past four years”.

He also pledged to “continue provide aid to the Syrian people, pointing out that Assad’s forces bombed the Syrian areas without regard to the presence of children and women, which causing the occurrence of massive numbers of victims, so the presence of hospitals is absolutely necessary in those areas,” he said.