Turkish Relief Organization provide “Sejo” camp with electric power, Aleppo

Turkish Relief Organization provide “Sejo” camp with electric power, Aleppoimage

20 Apr 2015

Turkish Humanitarian Relief Organization provided “Sejo” camp in Azaz, north of Aleppo, Syria, with a solar panels system for electric power generation. The Information Officer of the organization “ Zafer Ersoy” said that the body is making all efforts to help the oppressed, regardless of language, race or creed, pointing out that they have set up seven camps in northern Syria, home to nearly 80 thousand displaced Syrians. He said, adding: “we were told by our displaced brothers in” Sejo “camp, they suffer because of shortage of electrical energy. We decided to solve this problem, we have created a solar panel system in the camp for electric power generation. Where prefabricated housing (Caravans) in the camp turned into place that could be a home for family. God willing, we will begin the implementation of this system on the rest of the camps. ” Ersoy explained, that life in the camp used to end after sunset in the absence of electrical power, stressing that many of the camp’s problems solved because of the system that they have created. He stressed, that their priority now is to turn the camps consisting of tents prefabricated houses, and then applying the solar systems.