Two German businessmen saving migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean.

Two German businessmen saving migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean.image

14 Apr 2015

Two German businessmen want to take a ship they had bought into Malta, next month, from where they’ll start a three-month-long mission, after they decided to rescue refugees. Höppner and Kuhnt decided to raise awareness about another, even more deadly barrier: the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in recent years. Kuhnt said: We had realized that only hundreds of miles away from Germany, we were in the process of erecting a new and similar border. Last year alone, more people had died along E.U. borders than during the 27 years the Berlin Wall separated Germany. Since October the Two businessmen have invested a total of $162,000 in a 21-meter-long ocean-going ship can rescue dozens or even hundreds of refugees in distress. “We hope that the thousands of yacht owners in the Mediterranean Sea will become more aware of the problem due to our project. In Germany, our idea has already exceeded our expectations: Hundreds of people reach out to us every day and ask us how they can contribute,” Kuhnt said.