UGC provided details for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon

UGC provided details for the Syrian refugees in Lebanonimage

12 Jun 2015

Lebanese Association to support scientific research announced that they will provide five hundred university scholarship to study in universities of Lebanon for the academic year 2015/2016 as part of the terms of reference “Educational / 200 grant, Education Diploma / 60 grant, health and psychological support / 100 grant” and one hundred forty grant various other terms of reference.


In acceptance of the terms as the official website reported that they are:


1. The applicant must be either a Syrian who is emigrant in Lebanon, or Palestinian who used to live in Syria and now emigrant in Lebanon.


2. The applicant must be a holder of a baccalaureate, which is equation from the Ministry of Higher Education in Lebanon.


The applications, which are submitted to obtain the grant, will be selected due to three phases:


1. Applications study: where the competence in the application submitted will be matching with the terms of reference mentioned above, as the priority will be given to two factors: I. according to seniority for students in advanced courses of their years, II of the study in the partner Assembly universities, namely: “Jinan University, the University of Tripoli, International Lebanese University/ LIU,  and AUL University “.


2.About The interview, the students who have crossed the first stage successfully will be called for an interview.


3. Intensive English program: students who had passed the first and second phases of the program successfully will take intensive support in English, which the Assembly will conducted in the summer of 2015. And It will be for a period of six intensive weeks.


The Assembly also said through its website that the deadline for submission of applications will be in the 13.06.2015 middle night.