UN warns that number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reaching 2.5 million

UN warns that number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reaching 2.5 millionimage

23 Mar 2015

According to the latest United Nations Turkey Refugee Report, the number of Syrian refugees in the country will climb to 2.5 million by the end of the year, and affect the lives of 8 million people. The United Nations released its Regional Refugee and Reliance Plan 2015-2016 which details plans for what needs to be done in the near future for Syrian refugees in Turkey. According to the report, the number of refugees is expected to skyrocket, from today’s 1,718,147 individuals to an estimated 2.5 million by the end of year. The report warned for the need to take precautions and make preparations and also recommended that Syrian children receive medical, educational and social support. The report pointed out that of the 2.5 million refugees, only 300,000 will be residing in camps, with the remaining 2.2 million entering Turkish society. It also noted that this might lead to complications, affecting over 8.2 million Turkish citizens in ways like the inability to find employment, or the state being unable to perform its duties and provide assistance effectively. The report also criticized Turkey for its lack of a systematic refugee registration system, saying it would ease the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians currently living in Turkish society.