UNICEF: Nearly 30 thousand Syrian children engage in the labour market in Jordan

UNICEF: Nearly 30 thousand Syrian children engage in the labour market in Jordanimage

21 Apr 2015

Detection of Information and Communication Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund Samir Badran That there are approximately 30 thousand Syrian children engage in the labour market in Jordan, among the 45 thousand children of school dropouts. Badran said that the number of children of Syrian refugees registered in public schools outside the camps is (108.375) boy and girl, but the schools that are spread in Syrian refugee camps includes 23 thousand and 227 student, pointing out that «females make up half this number». At the same time, the official pointed out that «there are about 568 Jordanian teachers teaching Syrian students inside the refugee camps, in addition to 306 assistant teacher of the Syrians». Adding that the organization «Provided support for education in Jordan, by the presence of (98) public school system operates according to the periods to accommodate students from Syrian refugees, as well as the construction of 95 additional classrooms in the public schools, and provide school furniture for 84 public schools. He also stressed that «UNICEF in collaboration with donor countries able to provide teachers’ salaries based on schools in Syrian refugee camps until the end of next June». Noting that «There will not be any hindrance in the delivery of teacher salaries within the deadlines». Social researcher Gani Abdul Rahim said «The millions of Syrians children deprived their education inside Syria, and suffered abroad, remained between the refugee camps and the labour market», she pointed out the reasons of school dropouts are «Poverty and child labour, and the decline in demand for education, finally Conflict and displacement, with the fear that their families from being harmed while they were in school, especially in areas of conflict». Adding that the organizations interest in children and their education and psychological support «Almost culminates, however, the difficult economic conditions experienced by parents push them into pushing their children into the labour market for life insurance requirements». Jordan has a population of more than eight million, There are more than (1.39) million Syrians, more than half of them are registered as refugees in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees records, while the (750) thousand of them entered Jordan before the Syrian crisis for descent, intermarriage and trade. In the refugee camps about 102 thousand refugees, 84 thousand of them in the Zaatari refugee camp, As well as nearly 13 thousand refugees in the Alazraq camp, and the rest is distributed to different camps.