Volunteers run the house to care for orphans in Idlib

Volunteers run the house to care for orphans in Idlibimage

23 Jun 2015

Syrian volunteers, opened with the support of the charitable, on Monday, an orphanage in Sarmda in the country of Idlib north Syria.

This orphanage is the first of its kind in Idlib, and it includes 100 children from who lost their parents during the war in the country, since more than four years.

The volunteers secure full care for these children from food, clothing, drink, physical and psychological health, education and care.

Radwan Abu Ali, a volunteer, said that the house dedicated to the children of martyrs, who fell at the hands of the regime forces in the past four years, pointing out that all those in the house lost their fathers and mothers.

Abo Ali added the nannies afford a collage degrees, they give attention to these children, and solve problems which they face.

There is no accurate figures on the number of orphans in Syria, because of security conditions, with an estimated study entitled “orphans Syria dangerously file and large challenge” issued by “Ataa Centre” for relief and development, that the number about 390 thousand orphans, most of them live in country.

The number of war martyrs which continued in Syria for more four years has exceeded 230 thousand according to human rights statistics, while activists say the number is greater than that.

The Global Peace Index 2015, which issued by the Australian Institute of Economics and Peace, class Syria in ranked 162 and the last in the world as the most state lacks for peace in the world and for the second year in a row.