Water well and education centre in Al-Azraq camp

Water well and education centre in Al-Azraq campimage

20 Aug 2015

The Syrian refugees celebrated in AL-Azraq camp on Wednesday in launched two projects: water well and education centre for refugee students.

The two projects were established in support by the United States government in cooperation between the Jordanian government and in partnership with the United Nations aid groups Children’s Fund “UNICEF” and international relief and Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development and the World Vision and the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the US Agency for International Development “USAID”.

The US Ambassador in Amman Alice Wells, said the centre is the first project which is specialized in therapeutic education in Al-Azraq camp, and it will serve 1200 child pointing out that it called therapeutic because it simulates the many challenges that young refugees were forced to contend with.

She adding that “The centre is part of the first instalment which we provide, as a reference to our commitment not to omission any generation of children in study aged”, noting that it will provide a place for children to participate extracurricular activities, where students will be able to drawing, playing football, use computer and learn necessary life values.

The Delegate of the Minister of Water General Security of the Ministry Engineer, Tawfiq Habashneh, said that the production capacity of the artesian wells is 50 cubic meters per hour, calling for the support of donors to continue to support the water sector in Jordan.

Jack Tonsc, the Director of Relief Organization, said “that the organization is considered a non-profit humanitarian agency provides relief in emergency situation, rehabilitation and development assistance to victims of natural disasters and civil strife.” He added that the centre will qualify students in all life skills and provide psychosocial support to more than ten thousand children in the camp, during the next 18 months.

The Director of the UNICEF in Jordan, Robert Jenkins, said “We have to admit in the efforts which made by the Jordanian government and the continued support from the US government, and other donors so Syrian children not lose their right in education”.