Wir leben pharmacies in Germany offers job opportunities for Syrian pharmacists

Wir leben pharmacies in Germany offers job opportunities for Syrian pharmacistsimage

17 Aug 2015

The owner of wir leben pharmacies in Germany offered to help the Syrians pharmacists to enter the labor market, taking into account the bureaucratic and procedures which required to modified certificate and start work.

“Dirk Duval”, the owner of Wir leben pharmacies, began in the first of the month of last April in employment the Syrian pharmacist Hanan Kabbour, then the Syrian pharmacist Aya Ikhwan, in the Lonberg country in the state of Lower Saxony.

According to the Electronic German magazine competent in pharmacy, Duval expressed his wish in help refugees not only through voluntary contributions, so he decided with his wife employment pharmacists refugees.

Duval contact with Hanan and Aya cross employment agency, he said that they were well prepared and applied blue card before they travel. The blue card will allow qualified people who came from countries outside the European Union to make sure their salaries will not be lower than 48.400 euros per year, and 37.752 euros in occupations in which the country is witnessing a shortage of labor.

According to “Obotika Odhok” magazine, a lot of qualified refugees do not know that they have the opportunity to obtain a work permit through the blue card instead of waiting for the dull asylum procedures, note that applying for the card mentioned must be before they come to the European Union.

He explains that in case of getting work permit, the second step will be to recognize the testimony of Pharmacy, where should the pharmacist progress in the state of Lower Saxony, for example, with his documentation to the Pharmacists Syndicate, knowing that the certificate of people come from countries as Syria, Iraq and Iran equation German certificate, then they must undergo test in order to obtain permission to practice pharmacy.

He also pointed that, usually the applicants for the examination mentioned, work initially in a German pharmacy for a year, however (trainees) are not required to spend the whole period, and they can do the text whenever they feel themselves ready for it. They also receive preparation classes or the exam, they also require to do a language proficiency test.

He explained that the foreign pharmacist who works with “visitor” system needs money to apply for recognition of the certificate and get a work permit, which is a significant impediment to the refugees, pointing out that he cover these expenses for his trainees, in addition to wages paid to them.

Duval advice to employ refugees, stressing that the identification of other culture is very exciting, which he touches from his staff, for example, the staff who work in his pharmacies learn from Hanan and Aya how to write their names in Arabic, which is enjoyed by everyone.

From her part, the pharmacist Aya Ikhwan, said that her director “summit in humanity and respect”, advising any Syrian refugees pharmacist wants to get his certificate circulated to contact Duval to put him on the first road, stressing that her director asked her to tell any other who wants to do training like her.