Wonders village.. We make theatre and make solutions

Wonders village.. We make theatre and make solutionsimage

18 Aug 2015

In cooperation between the “theatrical scenario” team and the Centre for Women now in Lebanon, a theatrical presentation organized entitled “wonders village” in Taalabaya town in Lebanon, on Friday 14 August, where partner 35 boys and girls between the age of 11 and 14 years.

After the training which continue for 4 days for 6 hours per day, the display was held in small creation school with presence of nearly 100 spectators, most of them residents of the participants, and met interactive and admiration for the performance of children.

The play include 4 songs and 6 representative scenes, and the display continued 40 minutes, the scenario that involved children representatives in writing, P tells the events in the village where the fisherman prevented the river water from reaching it in order to hunt the animals, which is pushing its population of humans and animals to cooperation and find a solution to the problem of drought and thirst.

Mohammed, one of the coordinators in the woman now centre, said that the play includes interesting adventure for children, and he said that four days of training was enough to open the horizon of imagination for those who participated in writing the scenario with simple guidance, and he explained that the hours of work and training was not without recreational activities.

Victoria, Executive Coordinator of the project scenario, she considered the goal of organizing a theatrical performance compose and implemented by Syrian children who don’t have previous experience in theatre and acting is to “develop their talents and create a representative opportunities in front of them”, stressing the importance of “the transfer of British technical experience to children in Lebanon.”

Hanan with 13-year-old played the role of “predatory cat” in the play, her mother said “I did not expect from my daughter the performance, which appeared in it, and all the children performed their roles well,” and also the feedback from audience about the show and performance were all positive.

It is noteworthy that the women now centre is the centre of awareness, development and psychological support, launched in January 2014 and focuses its work on the empowerment of women cognitively, economically and policies, and assesses the patrol activities of a variety of targeted Syrian children refugees in Lebanon as well; “a theatrical scenario” team is a group of trained musicians and British directors, and this is their second experience in Arabic countries after a similar activity in the Shatila refugee camp targeted Palestinian children.