Young Syrian Photographer wins the scoop award in Paris

Young Syrian Photographer wins the scoop award in Parisimage

17 Sep 2015

The Syrian photojournalist Baraa al-Halabi appeared from “Rafik Hariri” theater in the Arab World Institute in Paris, earmarked from the theater overlooking the Seine River a side of the suffering of the population of Aleppo city, which he succeeded in delivering it to the world, the young man who did not exceed the 23-year-old, managed to win the Prize of Fujairah Award for photojournalism.

While the media channels were waiting for the outcome of the elections in 2014, and the photographers where escaping and avoiding the most dangerous city in the world, Al-halabi was capturing a special scene that the whole world would use, when he shot the camera button to produce a visual text telling all the details of life and death. The independent published the photo for a boy rescuing a girl from under the rubble.

“Through mobile camera, Halabi tried to formulate a picture of the city of Aleppo during the exit from the system control: “mobile camera image, they are the solution to the reality of the familiar unfamiliar system imposed on the transfer of the image.”

Al-Halabi still sees the light of the moon Ring Shining Aleppo Citadel obscure part of the light, a young man walking on his feet weeping exhausted carrying a baby girl from the rubble, These are the elements of composition in the photos Halabi which often succeeded in control “I Do not deviate from providing an eloquent portrayal of reality in the city of Aleppo, I do not need to look at the composition and the elements of surprise, not the prospect of dazzle and astonishment and desire between the body parts and debris, looking for components and the details of life annuity”