Zaatari, The best companion of all is a Book

Zaatari, The best companion of all is a Bookimage

04 Jun 2015

Since it was incepted in 2012, Zaatari camp is preparing for its biggest cultural event ever, where the first book exhibition will be held on 12th, 13th of June, and it is submitted by a group of Syrian volunteers “ Be-aydena” in cooperation with the Publishers of Science, Culture and Literature Association, and The Child Care Association.

The Goal of this exhibition is to shed light on the interest of refugees inside Zaatari in Science and Culture, they are not only in need for food and treatment.

Azbakiet Amman, is one if the main sponsers, as they will provide books with suitable prices, also many international organization is providing help for this project. There will be a special corner for children, containing books, stories and many other activities.

Despite considerable neglect and false perception of the camp, but the reality is quite different, ten baccalaureate students in the first semester this year, get marks above the 90%. A dramatically creative and educated people live there, they are people trying to create a civilization out of the tragedy in various ways.

The title of the exhibition is, “The best companion of all is a book” The organizing team aims to shed light on the scientific and cultural activities that has not been giving much priority. Reading is the key for civilization; it’s a main need for the human, just like food.

The team believes that work on education projects is not less important than food and relief campaigns.

The big interaction we found from people made us feel how late we are in this aspect and motivated us to work more and give more.