Zaher The Mathematics Teacher

Zaher The Mathematics Teacherimage

01 Apr 2015

Zaher is a secondary school math teacher at Arastan Anamel School. Zaher joined the school and believed that the education system in Syrian has been the most affected by the ongoing crisis. The social and economic pressures have compelled many students to abandon their studies and to work to support their increasingly displaced families. Many students are facing difficulties in pursuing their education, and others are unable to access schools since the beginning of the conflict, Zaher added.Thousands of schools are no longer functioning. Some of these schools have been destroyed or damaged or used as a shelter for the internally displaced people in some areas in Syria. Through the last years, the educational system has almost collapsed, and many teachers have fled their areas due to the conflict, said Zaher.

Arastan Anamel School initiative was an intervention concept that is urgently required to offer education to the Syrian children in order to rebuild their country in the future. “If you educate a child you educate a nation”, Zaher stated. Arastan Anamel School was established to improve the chances of the students not to fall behind their education. The school initiative has been set up as a local school curriculum that offers to facilitate the learning and teaching process of the students and provides job opportunities to the local teachers. Zaher believes that Arastan School has addressed the needs of the students in the area who have been out of school for a long time. “Joining Arastan Anamel School was one of my greatest teaching experiences”, said Zaher. The school is a hope to the children who experience poverty, severe mental distress, and limited access to education.

Arastan Anamel School has offered numerous education opportunities to a large number of children that have received no education at all since the civil war erupted in Syria. “Arastan School is the only innovative solution in the conflict areas to get Syria’s lost generation of children back into education”, commented Zaher. “Despite the current challenges, education remains one of our priorities as teachers and together we are committed to providing a positive environment in the classroom to help the students to succeed their studies”. “Arastan School is an opportunity for us as teachers to underline the importance of education in the development the life of every student in Syria”, said Zaher. I have joined the Arastan School since the beginning of its establishment, and I have noticed that Anamel School educational services were increased by the growing numbers of the registered students that are affected by the ongoing crisis.

 The school has a limited capacity to provide education and learning equipment due to the shortage of funding and limited financial resources. Arastan Anamel School is the response to the youth education needs and the only innovative way to enhance the quality of formal and non-formal teaching and learning settings for the students. The School also offers teacher training in technical and vocational education and psycho-social support to the students.The vocational and activity education classes are offered to the students in varied topics, such as: nursing, agriculture and civil defence. The limited capacity of the school leaves many other children without formal education due to the limited resources of the school.

Arastan Anamel School follows the Syrian educational curriculum. Nevertheless, the school is not officially recognized by the Education Ministry, which raises some challenges to the students. Lastly, Arastan Anamel School has offered many opportunities to the youth students to avoid getting involve in Syria’s cycle of violence and provided them with education to help them to build their future.