Ambulances graphic

Throughout the uprising the Syrian regime’s security forces and armed militias have targeted various health care professionals who have been trying to rescue injured civilians and activists.

Independent ambulances and emergency response teams were not spared from such intentional, targeted attacks. Furthermore, international human rights agencies have documented the government’s use of some medical vehicles to arrest and torture activists. These incidents have created a dangerous shortage of ambulances that can be trusted by the people AND won’t be targeted by the regime’s forces. Consequently, this resulted in an increase in the number of fatalities from injuries that could have been treated if the victim was to be transported to the appropriate clinics & health care professionals.

Mosaic Initiative is responding to this issue by launching our own “Ambulances Project”. We are working with our partners in Syria and Turkey to secure up to 5 mini vans which could then be converted into ambulances by stripping away the seats and furnishing them with all the necessary equipment. Moreover, we are providing these ambulances with additional supplies (such as aneasthetic machines) to allow the medical teams to perform some “live saving” procedures in the vehicle itself – especially if the route to a field clinic is too dangerous to take.

Finally, we are connecting with a network of field clinics in Syria and in neighbouring countries to ensure that these ambulances will work efficiently with the existing infrastructure of make shift clinics and volunteer doctors.