Anamel Mosaic Al Ghouta School graphic

The violence in Syria has reached unprecedented levels and has interrupted education severely over the past four years. The conflict has had a devastating impact on children; insecurity, the absence of staff, and schools destroyed or occupied by displaced families.

Mosaic Initiative has responded to the humanitarian and educational needs and established Al Ghouta School for children. The school opened its doors in September of the school year 2014/2015. The school has 80-90 students and offers Secondary level education in Science and Literature. The school has hired 12 full-time teachers.

Al Ghouta is one of the many areas that are affected by the ongoing conflict, where access to education and humanitarian assistance is extremely difficult for people who live there. The aim of establishing Al Ghouta School was to offer educational support of secondary level education to students in Science and Literatur.

any Syrian children are living under siege or in areas that are hard-to-reach because of the intense violence of the conflict. The sufferings of the families and children in those areas are mostly unseen. There is a shortage of medical supplies, food is not often available, electricity supply is very limited, few children have access to education, and most schools have been destroyed, turned into shelters or damaged.