“Basmet Amal” a Smile of Hope graphic

Support Basmet Amal – a Smile of Hope – for Syrian Self-determination

This is a solidarity initiative between international activists in Europe and the civil society of a town in North-West Syria. Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution Ma’arrat al-Numan, in Syria’s Idlib province, has been famed for creatively protesting against the regime. With Ma’arra’s liberation, in October 2012, ordinary citizens came together without any presence of state authority, and in the face of constant assaults from the Syrian regime’s army, to rebuild their society and local economy.

In the past, Ma’arrat al-Numan was a town of 125.000 inhabitants but today most have fled – and less than half of the population remains. Shelling occurs daily from the front lines south of the town, as do sporadic air-strikes from regime airplanes.

Since the heavy shelling began the town’s infrastructure has been completely destroyed, and only thanks to initiatives from Ma’arra’s dedicated activists, a few shops, volunteer-driven schools and hospitals have again opened their doors.

Basmet Amal – Smile of Hope – is one such organisation and they have been growing from strength to strength. The group has re-established schools, is distributing and co-ordinating relief for homeless refugees, running micro-finance projects for widows and has just opened a groundbreaking new hospital – all others were targeted by the regime – named Al Salam Hopsital (Peace Hospital) which offers free healthcare and a gynacological unit. They are currently reliant on donations from the international aid organisations and grassroots fundraising by solidarity activists.

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