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Launched in 2020, our Career Empowerment program offers talented refugees and asylum seekers certified training, internships, CV and interview workshops and real opportunities with our partners. To start, industry experts deliver introductory and specialised digital marketing courses in Arabic, while introducing students to key terms in English. Mentors support students through their journey and on to their carefully tailored 3-month internship. Recruitment specialists take graduates through CV and portfolio building while amplifying their interview skills. We recognise the strength, expertise and competencies that refugees possess and so do our partners. Our partners hire candidates based on their talent, not their background. 

The Mosaic Initiative team has partnered with businesses and charities to design creative and durable solutions to employment challenges faced by refugees. Industry experts have designed multi-teared courses that are free and can be taken online. While taught in Arabic, students will be introduced to key terms in English along the way. Upon completed this section of the program the trainers and mentors will help participants to identify and amplify their skills. There is an exam at the end of the introduction courses, a certificate is granted to those who pass.

Course Levels

Introduction & Specialties

Program Phases

  • 1Complete one of our introduction courses
  • 2Complete at least one course from the specialties courses
  • 3Complete a 3 months internship with one of our partners
  • 4Complete a “CV & Interview Skills” workshop
  • 5Refer to partners for employment opportunity
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